Mirror Worlds

Nothing is Ever Simple

The world of Origin is old. The gods have shepherded the people of Origin for ages, from a very few in number to many thousands who built thriving cities and kingdoms. There was peace and war in their season. Then came the Darkness. History’s records have been purged, and only tales told in the dark whisper of what the Darkness was. No one believes the stories of demons, archangels, demigods, and dragons battling on the surface of Origin, though no one denies something happened.

The world of Mirros hangs over Origin, a silent testament to that ancient war. Though details do not exist, history is very clear. Before the Darkness and unimaginable war there was only Origin. After the war, Mirros also existed. The two places were inexplicably linked by a massive magical conduit known simply as The Pillar.

Historians have also noted that while Mirros seemed to appear after the war, Dragon kind seemed to have vanished.

Now, millenia later, Origin and Mirros exist in a moderate state of peace. Their civilizations have thrived and each have populations numbering in the millions. Great cities have sprung up, most notable the twin Cities of Base and Crown. Base lies on Origin, and Crown on Mirros. They are the great capital cities of each planet.

Though open warfare is uncommon because of the other death, neither planet is ruled by a single race or nation. City states, nations, cultures, all battle for land, resources, and honor. Their exists in this natural order only one exception; The Vanguard. The Vanguard control The Pillar, which gives them vast reserves of power and strength. No one has challenged the Vanguard in thousands of years, and most maintain that it is this unchallenged control of The Pillar which has led to the state of peace between the worlds.

These are the Mirror Worlds.

Mirror Worlds